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Divorce Mediation








The decision to divorce is difficult and painful with mediation the process is as painless as possible. Your divorce, your way.

Please take a look at Why Mediation? to get an overlook of the benefits of Mediation.  Divorce mediation is not therapy but it is a collaborative approach to the end of a marriage. This may sound counter-intuitive however coming together at the end through mediation can feel healing and preserve the relationship which is a beneficial outcome especially when there are children involved. Instead of being pitted against each other the spouses decide the terms of their divorce together.


A green man mediates between two people.

1. Retain Mediator

Both spouses meet with, Talaiya Safdar, Attorney-Mediator who in her role a neutral mediator will explain the mediation process tailored to your needs. Both parties can share the cost of one Mediator. Mrs. Safdar will facilitate the dialogue between both spouses as opposed to in traditional litigation where spouses are in adversarial positions. So, it will be spouse AND spouse not spouse VERSUS spouse.                              


Retain Mediator

A man makes contact between people oppon

2. Mediation Process

The parties will meet with Mrs. Safdar and each issue and point will be discussed and you will have control of the conversation and you will jointly make the decisions. During this process you will also improve your own communication skills. The process can take days or weeks, the pace is set by you. Mediation is not therapy, it is a guided path to a mutual agreement. You will both make the decisions on your own. Mrs. Safdar's role is to aid in the constructive conversation as a neutral party, identify the issues and list options. At the end of the process, because you had all the control, the conclusion is a win-win.

Two opposing candidates of people stand

At the end of a successful mediation you will have reached and agreed to terms you decided on yourself. No third party will force decisions on you. Your divorce in your control and your way! Win-Win! The final step will be to file the necessary documents with the courts.

3. Agreement

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