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Talaiya A. Safdar, Esq.

                       I graduated from George Washington University Law School in 2000 and was a founding partner of Ahmed & Yau, LLP with offices in Manhattan, Queens and Scarsdale. During the course of my legal career I focused on Family Law and intertwining Immigration Law. Throughout my career I yearned to offer my clients a more cost effective way to handle disputes. Mediation is that avenue where I can best serve my clients interests.

                       I have been certified in Mediation by the New York Peace Institute since 2011 and I am member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation, The Family Law Section, The Alternate Dispute Resolution Section and the Women in Law Section of the New York State Bar Association.

                       I am an immigrant and understand the complexities of religious and cultural norms and how these effect and shape our lives, our conflicts and their resolutions.   

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